Phone:        (201) 497-6040

Fax:            (201) 383-0936


Hours of Operation

Monday:  3:30-8:45pm

Tuesday: 9:30-11am + 3:30-8:45pm

Wednesday: 12-2pm + 3:30-8:45pm

Thursday: 9-10:30am + 3:30-8:45pm

Friday: By appointment 

Saturday: 9-12pm

Sunday: By appointment 

The best way to reach is by email. We are always available to make appointments outside out regular office hours. 


Perpetual Motion Dance studio
674 Westwood Ave.

River Vale, NJ 07675

Perpetual Motion Dance Studio       Address: 674 Westwood Ave. River Vale, NJ 07675

Phone: 201.497.6040

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