Perpetual Motion Gymnastics Team

Perpetual Motion offers a unique competitive gymnastics program. While most competitive gymnastics require an enormous committal, and a “no participation in other sports” policy, we offer our athletes a chance to experience competitive gymnastics without such sacrifices.We offer a nurturing, fun, and safe environment without the stressors that come along with big competitive gyms. We offer up to two levels of competition. MOST IMPORTANTLY, we prepare our athletes for the opportunity to continue their gymnastics career in a more competitive gymnastics facility. With quality training, and guidance in finding a great fit for their continuance in their careers at another facility, when timing is right, and when the athlete feels ready, we offer guidance and information that can help in the process. 

Our program has successfully competed at the same competitions as the surrounding gyms, and we have even produced Floor State champions, along Regional champions.

We are proud to be able to offer these girls an environment to grow, and learn all that competitive gymnastics entails without having to make so many sacrifices at such a young age.As for those that decide not to continue in competition, we offer a great gymnastics floor program that will help your athlete grow as a tumbler and dancer.

Home of the 2017

NJ State and NJ Regional

Copper 1 Floor Champions. 

Home of the 2018 NJ State Copper 1 Beam Champion

Gymnastics Schedule



Tuesday 3:45-4:45pm

​                 SESSION 1: September 13-November 15th

Tiny Tumblers(adult assistance required) Ages 18months-2yr 

Thursday 9:00-9:45

SESSION 1: September 13-November 15th

PreSchool Tumble:ages 3-5 

Thursday 9:00-9:45

​                 SESSION 1: September 13- November 15th 


Power Pack (invite only): Tuesday 4:45-7:45pm. Copper 1 + 2 Saturday 9-10am

Foundations of Gymnastics: Tuesday 4:45-6:45pm

Perpetual Motion Dance Studio       Address: 674 Westwood Ave. River Vale, NJ 07675

Phone: 201.497.6040